Connecting a Time Capsule or Airport USB Drive


This technical bulletin describes specific settings needed for BluOS to connect to the internal storage of an Apple Time Capsule used as a Network Storage Device for sharing and streaming a personal music library. It does not document the steps required to use an Apple Time Capsule as a network router nor setup a home network. 


BluOS uses Server Message Block (SMB) file sharing to connect to Personal Computers and Network Area Storage Devices to index and stream music for a personal music library.  This requires a onetime setup on both the music source and BluOS.  Apple Time Capsules rely on internal Apple security and do not have user credentials assigned to them.  Apple’s implementation of SMB does however require BluOS to enter user credentials.


When connecting to an Apple Time Capsule you will need to know the Base Station Name and password. These are found using the AirPort Utility used to configure the Time Capsule.
  • Open AirPort Utility from the Utilities sub folder in the Applications folder
  • Click on the Time Capsule desired and select Edit from the popup window 
  • On the Base Station Tab, note the Base Station name and Password 
  • On the Disks Tab, confirm the Partition is the default Data or note the name of the Partition the music is stored on 
  • Press Cancel and close the AirPort Utility
Now you will have to enter the Time Capsule information into the BluOS Players. You may do this using your iPhone, iTouch or iPad . 
  • In the BluOS App, Open the Navigation Drawer and select Settings, Music Library, Network Shares
  • Select Find Network Share
  • If the Time Capsule Base Station Name appears, select it and press Add. If it does not appear as an available share, select Enter Shame Name Manually
  • In the Enter Share Name Field enter \\BASESTATIONNAME\Data where BASESTATIONNAME is the name of the Time Capsule Base Station
  • In the User Name field, enter admin - all lower case
  • In the Password field, enter the Base Station password
  • Select Add Share
  • This implementation of a Time Capsule here is based on Apple’s AirPort Utility Version 6.3 (630.34)
  • An Apple Airport or Airport Extreme with a USB drive running OS Extended File System can also be shared by using \\BASESTATIONNAME|USBSHARE
  • You can enter a specific folder or path in Share Name. If all your music is in a folder called Music on your Time Capsule, enter \\BASESTATION\Data\Music to avoid Time Machine files, pictures or other data to increase index time and performance
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