How do I listen to Music stored on my Phone or Tablet?



You can listen to music stored directly on your Smartphone or Tablet. Simply open the Navigation Drawer by pressing the Bluesound Icon in the top Left Corner of the App. Under Local Sources select My Phone/My Tablet in Android (displayed on left) or My iPhone/My iPad (displayed on right) to browse music and add it to a Playlist.


Please note that the BluOS App needs to broadcast it's library content to Bluesound Players. If you cannot see My Phone or My Tablet as a Local Source, please scroll down to settings and ensure Play from Device is enabled under Settings. In iOS, Play from Device is in the Playback menu in Settings.



  • Playing from My Phone is just that. Music on one device cannot be browsed from another. In other words, music on an iPhone cannot be accessed if using an iPad on the same network to control Bluesound Players
  • Music may be saved to a Favorite Playlist but cannot be played back unless that Phone or Tablet is turned on and available on the network
  • Uncompressed formats such as WAV or AIFF do not play from mobile devices
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