My PowerLine connection isn't working with my Bluesound Player?



If you have connected your BluOS Player to its Ethernet connection using a Powerline Ethernet kit and you noticed that it is not appearing in your BluOS App, please attempt to connect the Player directly to your router or home Ethernet connection to make sure that the issue is with the Powerline kit and not the router or BluOS Player.

If the Player does correctly connect when using the router, try these tips to troubleshoot your Powerline connection:

1. Make sure that there is a direct connection between the two Powerline units, from outlet to your circuit breaker to outlet. Powerstrips, Power Conditioners or UPS Batteries can cause interference that stresses or stops a Powerline connection. Please avoid these.

2. Note the distance between the two Powerline units and include the distance to the circuit breaker. In larger homes, this length may be too much for a Powerline connection to work under. Generally speaking Ethernet connections can break down if the length of the wire exceeds 100m. This 100m is not line of sight but the actual length of the wires as they run through the walls and around corners.

3. Contact your Powerline Manufacturer's Support Team to ensure you have installed it correctly.

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