How To Improve the Signal Strength to your Bluesound Player



If you have noticed that your player has a Signal Strength below -65 dBm, or low enough that it affects the streaming of your High Quality files, we recommend making changes to improve the network signal strength to your Player.

For details about finding the Signal Strength of your player, and how it affects playback, see the support article here: BLS-KB14-402

There are two main concerns that prevent a player from receiving a strong signal between the router and the player; the distance between the two devices and any obstructions in the path that the signal must navigate.

How distance will effect the signal strength will differ from router to router. Bluesound only uses the 2.4 GHz wireless band when connecting to your Wireless-N router. Depending on the internal hardware, some routers may deliver some wireless bands better than the others.

In the typical home, the main obstructions usually include walls, floors, furniture and even you. The composition of the walls and floors also play a factor, as the material that makes up walls and floors will alter the waves of the wireless signals. Wood is more porous than cinder block so the waves of the network signal will pass through an internal wall much easier than an external wall.

If you are unable to re-place you player in a better location, here are some tips that can help you improve the signal:

The wireless antennas in your Bluesound Players are located towards the front of your player. Facing your Player with the front towards your router may improve the strength by a small margin.



Wireless signals radiate outward from the sides of the antennas on your router. Imagine placing a doughnut on the tip of your finger. Your finger is the antenna and the doughnut is the direction the signal waves come off the antenna. This is very similar to the ripples on a pond when you throw a rock in.  The waves move mostly in two dimensions but not well in three. Back and forth, left and right but not up and down. If you have multiple antennas pointing in the same direction, it might be ideal to moving them to opposite 45 degree angles, so the signal from your antenna can penetrate through walls or floors better.

We have seen some customers use devices to extend their wireless network to Bluesound, including Wireless Repeaters (Wireless to Wireless Extensions), Wireless Access Points (Wired to Wireless Extensions) and Powerline Kits, which allow you to extend your wired or wireless network by safely using the electrical wiring already in your home.

Many Bluesound consumers with multiple Players or Players in poor signal locations have achieved success in extending their home networks with them. Our only recommendation would be to use a network extending device from the same brand name as the router you use with your home, to maximize compatibility.

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