My Bluesound Player's Play/Pause Button stays Red when Upgrading




A BluOS Firmware update will start when you select 'I Want it Now' from the BluOS App when prompted to upgrade the Bluesound Player or when a brand new Bluesound Player first finds an Internet Gateway. If after 2 minutes the LED does not start alternating Green and Red, but stays solid Red, then your upgrade is not starting and the Player is stuck in Upgrade Mode.

If you have this problem do not Factory Reset a Wireless Player. Factory resetting the Player will remove the wireless configuration and the Player will no longer connect to a network. If you already tried this, please skip ahead to Option 2; Move to a wired connection.

The most likely cause of these issues is the Bluesound Player has started trying to negotiate with the Bluesound Upgrade Server before it has established an Internet Link due to slow network response.

Option 1: Restart by unplugging and plugging back in

Disconnect electrical power from the Bluesound Player for 30 seconds and then reconnect. This will not damage the Player. It will again attempt an upgrade.

Option 2: Move to a wired connection

If the Player is wireless but following Option 1 had no success or your tried to Factory Reset the Player, try Option 1 again but before reconnecting the Player to power, connect the Player directly to your main network router using the supplied LAN cable. This will reattempt the upgrade over the wired connection.

If you did Factory Reset the player, you will have to reconfigure it as the Player Play/Pause Button will turn Solid Green once restarted after the network cable has been removed.

Option 3: Download BluOS and manually install from a USB Stick

To download and install the BluOS Firmware onto a USB Stick by following this link and these instructions; The Bluesound Download Page

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