What should my Wireless Signal Strength be for best performance?



Here are some troubleshooting tips for checking network performance of your wireless Bluesound Player. To check the signal strength of your Wireless Bluesound Player select it in the Rooms Drawer. Once you have the Player you wish to check, select Help, Diagnostics in the Navigation Drawer.

A graphical icon will show your current signal strength range.  The actual signal strength will be listed as a negative number in dBM (decibel milliwatts) in the report below the icon.  As the number approaches 0, the signal strength increases.

Please note wired players do not show the graphic of signal strength. This includes players connected directly to a wireless media bridge or power line Ethernet kit.

>-50 dBm -50 to -60 dBm -60 to -70 dBm < -70 dBm

Players with Weak (>-70 dBm) or insufficient signal strength will experience inconsistent audio caused by disconnects and constant audio buffering and may even regularly disappear from the BluOS App or disconnect from grouped playback. Below is a guideline to review signal strength required for best performances of certain formats.

Wireless Signal Strength:

For Player Firmware upgrades: -70dBm

For streaming 44.1/16 content: -70dBm

For streaming 96/24 content: -55dBm

For streaming 192/24 content: -45dBm

It is good to note that the source for your local music can also be affected by poor wireless signal strength.  If possible, we recommend it be connected directly to your router via a wired Ethernet connection for best performance, as moving from wireless connection to wireless connection can cause issues over weaker networks.

For further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the BluOS Support Crew by clicking here.

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