How do I reset my Bluesound player to Hotspot Mode?



There are three ways to return your wireless Bluesound Player to Hotspot Mode. 

Via The App

In the BluOS Controller App, open the Help Menu from the Nav Drawer (or Configure Player from the Player pull down menu in the BluOS App for Windows or OS X). From the Diagnostics page, select Force Hotspot Mode located at the bottom of the page. This will immediately erase the currently saved wireless configuration and the Play/Pause Button should turn solid green removing the Player from the network.

Moving the Player

If your current configured router is not in range whether by being turned off or your Player moved to a place out of range, a Bluesound Player will try to reconnect for 5 minutes to the configured router. If the router cannot be found after 5 minutes, the Player will return to the default Hotspot Mode.

Factory Reset

The wireless configuration file is erased during a Factory Reset. Please see BLS-KB13-904 to factory reset your Bluesound Player. If you have an original Bluesound Node or Powernode, the process is slightly different. Please see BLS-KB13-903.


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