Bluesound used to be able to play files on my PC/Mac/NAS, but now it can't!




When selecting music from Library, Bluesound is unable to access files and displays a notification stating Host is Down.

- OR -

When reviewing shares in Help, Diagnostics previously displayed shares no longer appear.


Changes may occur over the life of your PC that may change how you can access your shares. If you receive the notification Host is Down, you first may want to check if your PC is turned on and sharing on your network.

Here are some other common issues that you can check.

1. Your Source IP may have changed:

Your PC, Mac or NAS has changed IP Addresses. Simply reboot your Bluesound Player(s) so the IP Address change will be reflected in BluOS. You may want to consult your router documentation and create a DHCP reservation for your NAS so it will consistently boot with the same IP Address, even after a power failure or extended outage. 

2. The settings for the network you are connected to have changed:

Windows operating systems use a category system for the kind of network you can connect to, including Home, Work or Public. Please make sure that your network is still configured the same way as new routers or mobile computers may cause this issue to arise.

3. The operating system version on your computer has changed:

Bluesound strives to keep our firmware in line with the current OS X and Windows Operating Systems, but as updates occur, they may affect your connection.

When new operating systems updates arrive and is affecting your enjoyment of Bluesound, please check back with our support site for news regarding compatibility.

4. Your Anti-Virus software update may have broken the connection:

In major anti-virus updates, you may find that new rules have been set to block traffic that your computer uses to establish SMB sharing, commonly blocking local TCP and UDP ports.

If you have a major brand anti-virus software that is suspected to be causing this, we recommend that you contact us with your details for further instructions. Please include the current version of the Anti-Virus software that you are running. Users of McAfee, Kapersky or Norton Anti-Virus may wish to check out our Considerations for Anti-Virus Software as discussed in this Bluesound KB Article; BLS-KB14-608.


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