D-Link Router General Setup


This note describes ideal general settings for D-Link routers that have allowed Bluesound products to communicate under tested conditions. Our tests were performed and documented with the D-Link DIR-825 Dual Band router and settings page, but we have seen these general options work with other D-Link routers both inside and outside the DIR brand. It does not document the steps required to setup a network. 


The Bluesound products can exhibit several erroneous scenarios involving the initial configurations of D-Link routers:
  • Wired Bluesound products can appear missing from the BluOS Application while the wirelessly connected nodes appear in-app consistently. (And Vice Versa)
  • iOS units have sporadic connections to the players in which both iPad and iPhone can alternately not see the players (Works on Android)
  • The Bluesound Vault may appear and disappear as a NAS device on your network.
These issues stem from the setup of IPV4/IPv6 Multicast Streams, which handle Multicast information from over the internet. The Multicast information Bluesound sends is Local to your router only, however, the Local Multicasting is being blocked or over-prioritized by this outgoing, internet-based Multicasting.
At a general glance, IPV4 & IPV6 Multicast Streams would only be used for advanced networking setups. Please get back to us if you notice any change with other devices after this configuration.

1. In the D-Link: Advanced -> Advanced Network -> Disable both “Enable IPv4 Multicast Streams” & “Enable IPv6 Multicast Streams”. Then turn your phone/tablet off/on and reboot the players. iOS products will reflect the changes right away, but Android devices will require the reboot.

(Optional): Bluesound only works on the 2.4 Ghz band. With some D-Link routers, we noticed that while the players were established on the 2.4 Ghz band, the router may prioritize them to the 5 Ghz in situations.
If Step one did not assist your issue, try disabling the 5 Ghz band. Go to Wireless Settings -> Manual Wireless Network Setup. For 2.4 Ghz Band settings, configure the 802.11 mode to 802.11g only. Disable the 5 GHz wireless band. Save settings.

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