Cisco E EA Router Setup with Bluesound


 BLS TB13-402


This technical bulletin describes specific settings for the Cisco/Linksys E and EA Series routers that are needed for Bluesound products to communicate. It does not document the steps required to setup a network.


The BluOS Players use the mDNS/Bonjour protocol for node discovery. This is a multicast protocol, but it cannot traverse network subnets. It is possible that the router may block the multicast traffic, or it may not have the most up to date mDNS/Bonjour support. These problems affect both iOS and Android.

The problem occurs when some or all BluOS Players cannot be seen in the Right Side Navigation Drawer of the BluOS app. It may be possible to ping or open a web browser on the BluOS Player, but the BluOS app will not find the node. If you do an iNet scan on the BluOS Player, the Player will appear but no Bonjour Services will be available on that node.

This problem is intermittent. Sometimes disabling and re-enabling the Wi-Fi network on the device will solve the problem. Often, rebooting the router will fix the problem temporarily.


Access the router through a web browser. The default username and password are both admin. Go to the Security -> Firewall page and enable Filter Multicast. Reboot the router when done.


Please download the latest version of your router firmware from Cisco's Support Site. Early production E/EA hardware including the Cisco E4200 have had upgrades added to their firmware that will improve the routers ability to perform with mDNS/Bonjour protocols. The latest firmware currently for the E4200 is v1.0.05 (Hardware Version 1) dated 09- 27-2012. 



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