File Sharing - Microsoft Windows




This technical bulletin describes how to enable file sharing on a Windows based computer running Windows 10 (or 8) or Windows 7.


Music files stored on a Windows desktop or laptop can be accessed by Bluesound using Windows File Sharing.  Windows File Sharing however is not enabled on a laptop by default. You can manually alter these settings by following the commands listed in these Screenshots.

Once completed, in The BluOS App, select Network Shares from the Settings, Music Library to add shares


  • If Shares cannot be discovered or fail to connect once configured as above, other 3rd party security software may be interfering.  Please confirm with your 3rd party security software documentation
  • Windows 8 users follow Windows 10 Instructions
  • This process is designed for a home installation of Windows.  Windows business computers work in a Windows Enterprise Domain may have group policies enforced to prevent or alter file sharing utilities
  • Please contact the BluOS Support Crew for more information or if you are still unable to connect to your share.  Mail us at
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