How Long Will My PULSE FLEX Play Using the BP100 Battery Pack



The BP100 Battery Pack will power a PULSE FLEX for about 6 hours of normal playback. You can monitor your battery level in the Player Drawer of the App. A PULSE FLEX icon in the Player Drawer will turn from black to light blue once a charged BP100 is attached. As power is decreased, so will the amount of blue on the PULSE FLEX icon. At 30%, blue will be replaced with yellow. At 20% yellow will be replaced with red. The PULSE FLEX will shut down once emptied. To recharge the BP100, simply restore AC power to your PULSE FLEX with the BP100 attached. A lightning bolt icon will appear on the PULSE FLEX icon to indicate charging has started. Charge levels will also be illustrated. Once fully charged, the solid blue icon will have an AC power plug rather than a lightning bolt after charging overnight.

A PULSE FLEX running on battery

100% Charged 70% Charged 30% Charged 20% Charged

A PULSE FLEX charging

20% Charged 30% Charged 70% Charged 100% Charged  


  • Battery usage can be affected by volume output levels. Playing a PULSE FLEX at maximum volume will lower usage as much as a full hour.
  • A decrease in wireless signal strength will increase battery usage levels.
  • Battery usage can be conserved by dimming or even turning off LED Indicator Brightness in the Settings, Player Menu
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