Using the PULSE FLEX Without a Local Network Router



With the release of the BP100 battery pack for the PULSE FLEX, it's time to take Bluesound on the road. There are two ways to stream music to a PULSE FLEX without being tethered to a network connection when none is available.

Scenario 1 - Bluetooth - 1 Mobile Device and Cloud Content

Pair your smartphone or tablet to the PULSE FLEX in your mobile device's Bluetooth Settings. Once paired the PULSE FLEX will automatically play any local content on your mobile device or any streaming service app you have (local mobile data rates apply). Please see BLS-KB14-401 Connecting/Establishing Bluetooth with Bluesound for more details. In this mode, the BluOS Controller App is not used or required.

Scenario 2 - Hotspot - Multiple Mobile Devices or USB Content (No Internet access)

Ensure the BluOS Controller App is installed on your mobile device before getting started. In your mobile device's wireless settings, connect to the PULSE FLEX Hot Spot. Your mobile device may prompt you that no Internet access is available from this connection. This is normal, and accept these conditions. Open the BluOS Controller App. If prompted, Cancel the Easy Setup Wizard in the top left corner of the App.

Plug in your USB drive to the back of the PULSE FLEX and select USB in the Navigation Drawer to browse USB Content.

Connect up to 10 mobile devices to the PULSE FLEX Hot Spot, and in the BluOS App, select My Phone or My Tablet from that devices Navigation Drawer. Please see BLS-KB15-701 How do I listen to Music stored on my Phone or Tablet? for more details.


  • Bluesound's default Bluetooth Settings default is Automatic. If your PULSE FLEX Bluetooth connection does not automatically start, connect to the PULSE FLEX using Scenario 2 - Hotspot. In the Settings, Player menu, ensure Bluetooth has not been switched to Manual.
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