Why am I not hearing anything out of my Subwoofer?



The Bluesound POWERNODE, NODE 2/2i, VAULT 2/2i, POWERNODE 2/2i, PULSE SOUNDBAR (2i) all include a sub-woofer out port that provides analog output to a powered sub-woofer.

To enable your sub-woofer on the PULSE SOUNDBAR (2i), in the Rooms Drawer select the Settings icon next the PULSE SOUNDBAR. Scroll down to Sub-woofer and set the toggle to on (towards the right). 

On all other Bluesound Players, in the Navigation Drawer, select Settings, Player, Audio. Scroll to the bottom of the Audio settings page to see Select Attached Speakers:.

No Sub-woofer: Full analog signals are provided to the Analog ports only.

With Sub-woofer: A Crossover is applied at 80 Hz, sending sound above 80 Hz to the Left and Right Analog outputs, and sounds below 80 Hz to the sub-woofer Out.

If you have an original POWERNODE (Generation 1 only), there is a third option called Bluesound Duo. This specific tuning set is custom designed for the response of the Bluesound DUO Satellite Speakers and Powered Sub-woofer. As per the Quick Start Guide, to take advantage of the Bluesound Duo setting, the Duo Sub-woofer will need to be set with the Crossover and Volume Controls at 12 o’clock positions, along with the Phase switch set to 0˚.

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