Why does the Vault take so long to RIP my CDs?



The Rip/Encoding Process

When a CD is inserted into the Vault ripping should begin immediately unless there is a problem with it; at which point the CD will be ejected. Bluesound uses a true bit ripping implementation which is based on data accuracy not on a quick pass. As a result, older discs with more scratches may take longer to rip but will succeed more often. Consumers expecting the CD to rip quickly may be surprised to wait for the CD to eject on its own after 15-20 minutes due to the bit perfect process matching bit for bit in the process for accuracy. Once the CD is ripped it will also, using a valid Internet connection, connect to the Internet and collect the CD information with a 99.9% accuracy tagging the CD based on the CD’s Table of Contents listing the number of tracks and each track length.

Encoding will begin as soon as the first track is completed. The encoding process however does take some time, approximately 1/2 of the play time of the track. Once each track is completed, the Vault will Reindex the collection adding the CD. It is important to note this process and that a CD may take as long as 20-30 minutes from time of insertion to be completely ripped, encoded, indexed and correctly display in the App to ensure Bluesound has the most accurate and true transfer of music from the original CD.

To ensure the bit perfect process is not stopped or delayed due to an imperfect disc, each song is pre scanned for track length. If after 2.1x the length of the song, a bit perfect copy cannot be generated, the CD will eject and the process will stop. All songs successfully generated up to that point will be encoded, indexed and stored in the library allowing for a partial match.

Simply clean and reinsert the CD to attempt again. Existing ripped songs will be overwritten without fear of duplication.

Once the final track has completed encoding, Bluesound should complete the reindex of the current music library and ripped CDs will appear once the catalog has been reloaded. Check the Rip/Encode Status under Settings, Music LibraryRipping in the Navigation Drawer to be sure but generally encoding will complete within 15 minutes of the CD ejecting with most commercial CDs on most home networks.

During the encoding process, incomplete tracks may appear in the index as Unknown Tracks, by Unknown Artists listed on Unknown Albums. This is normal and will resolve itself as the encoding process completes.

When ripping multiple CDs, it is possible to insert the next disc as soon as the current disc is ejected. It is not necessary to wait for the encoding to be completed before the next disc is inserted.

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