Why did my CD rip as an "Unknown Album" or incorrectly?



Though Bluesound uses an extensive collection of metadata from our providers, not every CD is in our provider’s library. 

If your Internet connection is down or your CD is one of the rare ones not in the collections of our providers, the CD will be ripped as an "Unknown Album" with the time and date ripped as the title.

Option 1: Update it manually using a Metadata Editor

Each track will be ripped by their track number. Using a third party metadata editor, you can connect to your Bluesound Vault using your PC or Mac and edit the metadata of each track manually to correct the problem. Please see Why is my music not sorted correctly after Bluesound indexed all my Music? (BLS-KB13-916) to update this manually.

Option 2: Tell us and we can update the Database

With your Bluesound Vault selected as the current Player, select Send Support Request from the Help Menu and send us the latest diagnostics log from your Bluesound Vault. This will tell us the Table of Contents of the questionable CD so we can let our Internet Metadata Providers know of the error. Please include in your description field The Title and Artist of the CD and a listing of the incorrect information along with corrections. We may contact you for more details about the CD if we cannot locate it at all. We will then contact our providers and they will update their database so future consumers will not encounter the problem you did.

Once notified that the database has been updated, feel free to delete the original RIP and re-RIP and Encode the CD. To delete the original RIP, please see Accessing the Bluesound Vault's Internal Storage From a Computer (BLS-KB14-607). Please keep in mind, it may take us a day or two to update the database.


  • CDs with less than 5 tracks are more likely to have issues with identifying the correct Table of Contents
  • CDs with less than 50,000 pressings are unlikely to provide correct metadata when encoding
  • CDs with only 1 track cannot be identified at all
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