Does my Bluesound Player require Internet Access to work?



Your Bluesound player does not require Internet Access to work.

At its basic level, Bluesound only requires a wireless router to communicate with other Bluesound players as well as be controlled by the BluOS App from your iOS or Android mobile device or a Personal Computer on the same network.

At this level, you can configure network shares from computers and NAS drives, share content stored on a Bluesound Vault, playback files from USB drives and stream Bluetooth content to your player using a Bluetooth USB Adapter (BLS-KB14-401).

If you plan on ripping your CD collection using The Bluesound VAULT's bit perfect lossless ripping process, the Internet will be required. The VAULT will locate and embed metadata tag information and album artwork making the process as easy as simply inserting a CD.  Without Internet access, metadata must be added manually using a third party editor.

Internet access is required to stream content from Music Services such as Spotify, Tidal or TuneIn. It is also required to download content from Online Stores such as or

An Internet connection provides essential support features including upgrade notifications and the ability to Send Support Requests directly from the Help Menu.

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