Adjusting PULSE SOUNDBAR Lip Sync & Audio Settings



The PULSE SOUNDBAR comes with 3 preset audio output settings to allow you to quickly specify different audio experiences at the touch of a finger. Watch the evening news in TV mode, listen to a favourite album in Music mode, or enjoy an exciting action packing film in Movie mode. The subtle differences of each audio mode provide the best listening experience for each type of playback.

Select the PULSE SOUNDBAR from the Player Selection Drawer to toggle through all 3 listening modes. Fine tune each of the modes by selecting the Audio Settings (BLS-KB16-901) menu icon next to the Player.


Listening Mode: Select one of three modes you wish to adjust.

Wide Mode: Adjust the audio output of the PULSE SOUNDBAR speakers to add depth and match the viewing and listening area.

Enhanced Dialog: When set to Low or High will increase volume to the center channel of audio where traditionally dialog is broadcast in movie soundtracks and television broadcasts.

Late Night: Dynamic Range Compression is enabled when turned on. This will decrease volume of explosions and increase dialog volumes when viewing movies. Ideal for small areas such as apartments or condos or after some parties have retired for the evening.

Deep Bass: If you do not have a sub-woofer connected to your player, add additional bass to your listening experience. (if a PULSE SUB is paired, you may use Boost to add additional bass).

Lip Sync Delay: We recommend connecting your TV directly to the PULSE SOUNDBAR but this is not always possible. If connecting a satellite or cable box to your PULSE SOUNDBAR, you can add audio delay to ensure audio output matches video.

Treble/Bass: Adjust tonal controls using the slider.

Subwoofer: With a sub-woofer connected, set to ON to turn on the sub output signal flow and channel all audio output below 80Hz away from the PULSE SOUNDBAR to allow for a cleaner audio output.

Subwoofer Delay: Add additional audio delay to a sub-woofer.

Subwoofer Volume: Adjust a paired PULSE SUB volume relative to the PULSE SOUNDBAR +/- 6db.

Boost: See Deep Bass above

Reset All: Restore the selected Listening Mode to factory settings.

Pulse Sub Status: This will say Disconnected. Place the PULSE SUB in the desired location of the room and power it on. Tap Pulse Sub Status and you will see a Pairing message appear. Once connected, this will say Connected. If the message returns to Disconnected ensure your PULSE SUB is installed correctly as per the included Quick Setup Guide and try again.


  • The PULSE SUB is sold separately and will be introduced in early 2017


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