Can I use my TV remote to Control Bluesound?



IR Support is available on Bluesound Gen 2 Players and the PULSE SOUNDBAR. IR support is not possible on Bluesound Classic Players. To program IR Remote commands into a Bluesound Player with IR, in the Settings Menu, select Player, IR remote. Simply select the function desired from the IR Remote Menu, point an IR remote at the Bluesound Player and press the button to perform that function. Once programmed, a check-mark will appear in the Configure IR Trigger function list.

Available programmable options are;

 Optical (TV Mode)



 Play/Pause Toggle




 Volume Up

 Volume Down

 Preset (1-5)

When using a remote to control volume on a PULSE SOUNDBAR, check your television audio settings and disable the built in speakers of the television.


  • Optical Input (TV Mode) will set the source of the Player to Optical Input and is ideal for programming with the Power button of your TV remote.
  • IR Support is included on the PULSE FLEX running BluOS 2.18 or higher
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