Pairing a Harmony Remote to your Player or Soundbar



Harmony Remotes are Universal learning remotes and need to be programmed first. Bluesound Players are Universal teaching IR devices and also require programming as detailed in Can I use my TV remote to Control Bluesound? (BLS-KB15-805) Since both systems are blank canvases, neither system has a reference point. This is easily resolved by adding initial codes to your Harmony System.

Use existing codes to program your Harmony from Bluesound's sister brand NAD Electronics.

  • In The Harmony Options, Select Harmony Setup
  • Select Add/Edit Devices & Activities
  • Select Devices, Add a Device
  • Select Add a Device
  • Under Manufacture Name, enter NAD
  • Under Model Number, enter M12
  • When prompted to test device, say No
  • Follow the directions in this Help Center Article to teach these codes to Bluesound; BLS-KB15-805  
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