How Can I Set a Preset in Bluesound?



Presets are easier to program and find in the BluOS App 2.0 for Android and iOS. You can program presets for your favorite radio stations, music streams, or playlists. Presets will be listed under My Presets in the Navigation Drawer. Presets are also available in the BluOS App for Windows or OS X.

Presets can also easily be played using the 5 hard preset buttons on a PULSE FLEX or recalled on any Bluesound Gen2 Player using a programmed IR Remote (BLS-KB15-805). Custom Installers can use presets with Integration systems such as Control4. Presets are unique to each individual Player and do not replicate.

In Android or iOS

  • Select My Presets From the Nav Drawer
  • To Add a preset, select the + sign in the Header Bar
  • In iOS, you can add a custom Name to your Preset by pressing the Name field
  • In iOS  Tap the Preset # or in Android, press the New Preset Circle to assign a preset number
  • Tap No Sound Selected to select available Sources, Streams or Playlists for your Preset
  • To always have your preset play at the current volume level, set Include Current Volume to On 
  • Say Done in iOS or Save in Android
  • To Delete or clear a Preset, select the more indicator on the preset in Android and tap Delete - in iOS simply swipe the preset to the left and press Delete.

In Windows or OS X

  • Open the BluOS App.
  • Select View, Presets from the drop down menu.
  • Navigate to an Album, Playlist or Stream you want to save as a preset. We will use a Local Radio stream under TuneIn.
  • Simply right click the desired station and select Set Preset. We here at the BSC are pretty fond of Indie88.  


  • From the Set Preset pop up Name the Preset what you want or accept the default name. Assign a Preset number and if desired, include the current volume that you have while listening to the station as the Preset volume. Select OK to save
  • To remove a preset, in the BluOS app for Windows or OS X, in the Preset window, right click the preset and select Delete.

With the following completed, you may now listen to your favorite stream, music, talk, sports or podcast all with one easy click.

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