How Can I Mark An Album/Song/Artist as a Favorite for Easy Access?



Favorites will appear as a star icon in the header of your smart phone or tablet, when browsing a source. A complete list of favorited items from all sources will also appear at the top of the Navigation Drawer as My Favorites.

In Windows and OS X versions of the BluOS Controller App, Favorites are simply listed in the Browse Window. Favorites are further categorized as Artists, Album, Songs, or Playlists for easy access. To tag an Artist, Album, Song or Playlist as a Favorite, simply press the More indicator (3 dots) to the right of the selection in Android or iOS, right click in Windows or cmd click in OS X to pull up the context menu and select Favorite. If the item is already favorited, use the same method to Remove Favorite.


  • For each category, the first 6 Favorites for each category are displayed. To display all favorites, select the more indicator on the Favorites category heading.
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