Why does my Album listing show each track twice?




When an Album from Local Sources: Library is tapped, or when the "Play Album" option is used, tracks from the album are duplicated or show multiple times.

When Bluesound indexes a network source such as a PC, Mac or NAS device, duplicate files on your drive are not removed from indexing.  Duplicate references to the same file are also not removed.

Solution 1 - Same File but Duplicate Reference

When selecting a network share it is possible to mount the same files twice.  With Public Sharing enabled, Microsoft Windows will share the folder c:\Users by default as \\Host\Users.  If you then in turn share the folder c:\users\User_name\My Documents\My Music as \\Host\Music all files in the My Music directory are shared as two options, once in the Music share and once as a sub directory in the Users share.

Simply remove one of the duplicate shares from Settings, Music Library, Network Shares option in Navigation Drawer.

Solution 2 - Locating Duplicate Copies of a File

Even though you see the same song twice, it may actually be two files in different locations on your shared directory.

Try playing this album fully using the "Play Album" option, then use the Technical Info option in your app to find out where these files come from individually on your share for each duplicate.

The Technical Info option is described in the article BLS-KB14-302.

If the two identical songs come from different locations, remove the duplicate song from your NAS and then select Settings, Music Library, Rebuild Index in the Navigation Drawer to remove it from your Library.


  • When sharing a NAS drive as a whole, many drives include their trash/recycle bin as a part of the shared folder. Please ensure any section of your NAS drive that includes deleted files are cleared if they are not intended to be shared. 
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