How can I move my iTunes Library and have it stored on my Vault?




For users who want to index their iTunes Library with Bluesound, while keeping their music library in one place, an alternative to using a networked share from your computer would be to move your iTunes library onto your Bluesound Vault.

This can be done by changing your iTunes Media Folder Location to the Music folder on your Vault. The Music folder on your Vault is where the Vault finds and indexes files for playback in Bluesound.

Please review the article BLS-KB14-607 to find the Vault in Windows Explorer or OS X Finder. You will want to make a new Folder under " \Shared\Music " on the Vault in order to hold your iTunes Music.

In iTunes, select "Edit -> Preferences" and select the "Advanced" Tab to find the options for setting your iTunes Media Folder Location. Select the appropriate folder using the "Change..." option.

Check Keep iTunes Media folder organized to move all music to the Vault.

Check Copy files to iTunes Media Folder... to ensure all future additions to iTunes are copied to the Vault for indexing.

After this is complete, any music downloaded or dragged to your iTunes Library should copy itself to the Vault, where it can be indexed.


Make sure you have set your name for your Vault before doing this. The name your Vault chooses as it's network name changes when you change the name of your Vault. This may break iTunes' connections to your Vault.


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