How do I upgrade my Bluesound Player?



All Bluesound Players will automatically upgrade to the latest version of BluOS when they are first setup and connected to your Home Network. After that initial setup upgrade, they will check periodically for software updates.

After initial setup, there are three ways to upgrade your Bluesound Player:

1. Automatically: When a new upgrade is available from our upgrade servers, your Bluesound Player will notify you within 24 hours of its availability.

A pop-up will appear to start the upgrade process, or to delay the update for another 24 hours.

2. Check For Upgrade: If you select Delay 24 Hours, you can force an upgrade, by selecting Upgrade from the Help menu.

3. Manual USB Firmware Upgrade: If your player is unable to connect to the internet for an upgrade due to poor connectivity or router settings, the BluOS firmware can be upgraded over a USB stick, using a BluOS firmware file provided by Bluesound.

For instructions and downloads, please check out the Downloads page from our Bluesound Site:

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