How do I find the MAC Address for my Player?



Like all Internet aware products, Bluesound Player network interface cards require a unique MAC address.  In fact Bluesound Players have two MAC Addresses; one for the wired Ethernet connection and one for the wireless network connection. The Bluesound Vault and VAULT 2 have only one wired MAC Address as they do not support a wireless connection (see BLS-KB13-Z01).

The MAC Address can be used to identify and differentiate multiple players that are in Hotspot Mode during a large Bluesound installation.  MAC Addresses are also required if you are setting DHCP reservations for your Players on your network router.

On the bottom of your Player*, you will find a white sticker with the MAC Address for your Wired Ethernet connection.

If your sticker is removed or the Player's back panel is inaccessible, the MAC address can be found via the Help menu.

Select Help from the Navigation Drawer, making sure you have selected the right player to configure, and then select Diagnostics. Select the More> button in the top right corner.

In the Advanced Diagnostics Text, under the heading if you can identify eth0 (Ethernet) and wlan0 (Wireless) settings and status.  The MAC address is listed as HWaddr for each connection.

* This sticker is located on the back of the Original Bluesound Node, Powernode and Vault

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