How long will it take to Index my collection



Indexing your Music Library will happen when you add a Network Share to your Bluesound System. Performance largely depends upon network setup as well as the size, sources and metadata (image files and metadata tags) of your Music Library. An Index is the first time your library is created when creating a Network Share. A Reindex Music Library from Settings, Music Library will only scan for new files added. Selecting Rebuild Index will delete an existing index and start a full Index.

Over a wireless network, indexing collection runs at about 100 to 200 songs per minute. A wired connection will index about 500 to 1000 tracks in that same minute. 

On a reindex, Players are able to check files at a rate about 1000 tracks in 20-30 seconds depending on connection and amount of changes.

Bluesound recommends that if you have a wired player to choose it before sending an Index or Reindex requests. This is especially true for the Bluesound Vault, as it can read its internal storage of ripped CDs faster than any other player.

If your index process is taking significantly longer, BluOS may be resizing or adjusting poorly scaled or oversize album artwork files to meet our recommended size of 600x600 pixel jpgs. Please see BLS-KB13-915 on how to manually resize your album artwork permanently.

Any time Music is added to your network, we strongly recommend you select Reindex Music Library.


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