What do the different colors of the LED signify?



Each Bluesound Player has a tricolor LED atop the player. Bluesound Gen2 Players include a second synchronized LED on the front. The LED will indicate the Player status.


Solid Green: The Player is in Hotspot Mode and is ready to be connected to the network. To setup your player from Hotspot Mode, check out the wired or wireless setup options in the following support article: BLS-KB13-902

Flashing Green: The Player is attempting to connect to the network or the network cable is disconnected

Magenta.png Solid Purple: The Player is not setup but Hotspot Mode has timed out after 15 minutes of idle. Press and hold the Play/Pause button for 5 seconds to re-enable Hotspot Mode. The LED will return to solid green. You may also unplug the Player and plug it back in.
Solid Blue: The Player is in Ready Mode connected to the network and ready to stream music

Flicker Blue: Receiving IR Codes from a remote

Blinking Blue: The Player is Muted

Flashing Blue (Bluesound Vault Only): The Player is ripping and encoding a CD


Solid White: The Player is indexing the local music library on your network

Alternating White and Blue: Player is replicating or receiving an updated Index from other players


Solid Red: The Player is in Upgrade Mode waiting to perform an upgrade.  For details, check out the following article on upgrading your Bluesound firmware to the latest version of BluOS®BLS-KB14-104

If your player has entered Upgrade Mode unexpectedly, please check out the following support article: BLS-KB15-113

Flashing Red (Bluesound Powernode and Pulse only): The Player's amplifier is in protect mode and requires a shut down and restart to reset. Please check the limitations on the Speakers and disconnect the Player if you find that this is occurring frequently.

Alternating Red/Green: The Player's BluOS® firmware upgrade is in progress


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