To discover music when searching for network shares in BluOS using SMB sharing, configuration will be required for D-Link Network Area Storage (NAS) devices. The following configurations were performed with a D-Link 323 (Firmware v1.09) and D-Link 343 (Firmware v1.05).


For select D-Link NAS devices, the option to utilize SMB sharing was added to the device firmware in newer releases. SMB sharing may not have been configured by default depending on the release version. Please check the D-Link support site to make sure your D-Link NAS is configured to the newest firmware: http://www.dlink.com/us/en/support


      1. Connect to the D-Link NAS device using its IP address in a web browser. Enter username and password. Select Configuration. As alternative option, use the DNS Easy Search utility program from D-Link.

2. Go to Advanced -> Network Access

D-Link 323 (v1.09)


D-Link 343 Firmware (v1.05):

3. Under Network Access Settings:

      • Select type 'SMB'.
      • Select category 'User'.
      • Check all accounts. This enables guest access with no password. You can optionally select a previous NAS user account.
      • Browse and select the folder that will be shared.
      • Set Permission to 'Read only' or 'Read/Write'.
      • Set Oplocks to 'No'.
      • Set map Archive to 'No'.
      • Save Settings.

You will need to repeat these steps for each folder you wish to configure. After completing the steps, the folder will appear as a part of your SMB List and will be discoverable by BluOS by the share name and path.

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