Why can I connect to my Mac Share, but my Player can't index any songs?




After adding a network resource using Settings, Music Library, Network Share an index is generated but some or all the music content is not added.


Security Permissions in Mac file shares flow down from the top most folder unless altered. Some lower level folders may have the wrong security permission. An easy way to solve this is to reset all sub-directories from the parent directory. Select the folder where the Music is stored and press Command-I to Get Info.

Click on the padlock in the bottom right corner of the Folder Info window to authenticate as an Administrator and enter your User ID and Password for the Mac. 

In the Sharing & Permissions  section, please ensure either Everyone or the specific user you Bluesound Player is using to log in has Read Only or Read & Write privileges to the folder.

Click the Gear Icon at the bottom of the windo and click on Apply to enclosed items... from the pop up menu.

This will reset the permissions on all files and sub-directories in your folder to be the same as this.

Return to the BluOS App and select Reindex.

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