Tips when running Anti-Virus Software



BluOS uses Windows SMB sharing, which works on a system of:  \\Host Name\Share Name

If you have followed the settings from our setup documentation, available from our file sharing section, additional configurations should not be necessary, with the exception of some alterations that may have been performed by your anti-virus software to your computer, or may be a portion of blocked content by your software. 

Kapersky Anti-Virus: 

  • Trusted Network: Networks in Kapersky can be setup as Public, Local or Trusted. For SMB sharing to be allowed by Kaspersky, the network has to be either Local or Trusted.
  • Blocking of Local UDP & TCP: The Firewall setting in Kapersky may choose to set the Packet Rules for local UDP and TCP permission to "Block" by default. Setting these two permissions to "Allow" should restore share discovery access by Bluesound. Over the course of Kapersky, 

Depending on the version of Kapersky or your operating system, the naming convention or placement for TCP/UDP blocking options in this program will be placed around in different locations. The most consistent place we have seen it is as a sub-option within the Firewall menu.

  • SMB Blocking by Anti-Hacker: Kapersky's Anti-Hacker program from earlier versions of Kapersky, can check off SMB sharing as potential threats by default.
  • Windows Modifications: Kapersky may modify Windows from the default state that our Windows Sharing would have setup your computer. Please recheck these settings from our sharing Process.


  • Unconfigured File Sharing: Under the firewall settings for Avast!, the option to allow local sharing may not be enabled and instead set to "Not Configured". This is found under Firewall , Settings, System Rules. Setting local sharing options to "Allow" will allow Bluesound to see files from your computer. Please reboot your computer after applying this effect.

Norton 360: 

  • Enabling Outgoing SMB Traffic: In the Firewall Settings, under Traffic Rules, outgoing SMB traffic can be blocked by your Norton Protection by Default. Check for any Windows SMB or Windows 2000 SMB traffic that is set to "Block" and set for "Allow"

For all anti-virus programs, customers have noticed that password protected sharing has been established on their Windows 8 computers. This option is found under Advanced Sharing Settings under the Network and Sharing Center. This option will need to be disabled for the network type (Home, Work, Public, Private or "All Networks") that it is applied to.

McAfee Personal Firewall:

  • First tick port 445 under Ports and System Services, then edit this port and open ports to "PC's in Work and Home Networks only"
  • Next enable UDP tracking in Advanced Settings
  • Finally add the IP address of the Bluesound speaker in network connections
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