Why are my TuneIn Favorites not my favorite stations?



Why are my TuneIn Favorites not my favorite stations?

An early release of the BluOS Firmware was encoded with test stations from our manufacturing facility.  This unfortunately resulted in some Players being sold with pre-set TuneIn radio stations as favorites being changed dynamically.

We apologize for the inconvenience but are happy to show you how to permanently resolve this issue.


  • Power down all secondary Bluesound Players on your network
  • Back up any playlists you may have created using the instructions from this Help Center Article; BLS-KB14-111
  • Power down your Primary Player
  • From the TuneIn Website (www.tunein.com) please login and remove any unwanted favorites from your account
  • Factory reset your Primary Bluesound Player using these instructions; (BLS-KB13-903 for the Node, Powernode or Vault, BLS-KB13-904 for the Pulse)
  • Restore Your Playlists and Shares
  • Sign In to TuneIn using the More Music Menu  in the Navigation Drawer
  • Factory reset all secondary Bluesound Players and re-add them to your network


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