Why can I connect to my Windows Share, but my Player can't index any songs?




After adding a network resource using Settings, Music Library,  Network Share an index is generated but some or all the music content is not added.

Solution 1 - All Content is not added:

In the Window 7/8 file sharing documents for Bluesound, available here, there are two important steps in setting the folder's sharing permissions. Right-click the folder where the Music is stored and select Properties. Select the Sharing tab from the folder Properties window.

Permissions: Select the Share... button and set the group Everyone to the Permission Level of Read.

Setting the Network Path: Select the Advance Sharing... button and check Share this folder and press ok. The \\ComputerName\ShareName will appear as the Network Path on the Properties window.

If you did not set the permissions under Share... for Everyone but instead select a specific user, you will have to manually enter a User Name and Password in the fields provided in Bluesound when selecting the share.

Solution 2 - All or Some Content is not added:

Security Permissions in Windows file sharing flow down from the top most folder unless altered. Some lower level folders may have the wrong security permission. An easy way to solve this is to reset all sub-directories from the parent directory. Right-click the folder where the Music is stored and select Properties. Select the Security tab from the folder Properties window.

Propagate Permissions: Select the Advanced button. Check the box labeled Replace all child object permissions entries with inheritable permission entries from this object and press OK. 

This will reset the permissions on all files and sub-directories in your directory to be the same as this.

Return to the BluOS App and select Reindex.

Solution 3 –Subdirectory is shared with an incorrect letter case:

If you are sharing a subfolder below the folder you have shared on your network, please ensure that the letter case of the subfolder is correct when submitting it from your Bluesound Player.

As an example, if you are have a NAS Drive with the established path:


But you share it to Bluesound as the following, with lower case letters on the subfolder:


Depending on the NAS that you are using, you may be able to connect to the subfolder, but will be unable to index any of the songs inside as some LINUX based NAS systems are case sensitive.

Try removing your existing share, and attempt again with the correct letter case.

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