Rediscover Your Music with New Sort Options




Rediscover your Local Library or find Music Easier on your Favorite Music Service by taking advantage of better browsing in the BluOS App for Android or iOS.

Clear Search Criteria: The Bluesound App for iOS and Android now features a simplified browse model with clearly marked options. Simply tap a search criteria. No more swiping...

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Find What's New: New Albums in your Local Library and Recent Favorites in certain Music Services will appear on the top Browse screen for easy access to listen to all your latest hot picks.

One Touch Album Play: Want to listen to an album now? Press the Play button on the lower right of album cover from any browse menu to immediately add and Play that album to the Play Queue. 

Sort Preferences: Press the Sort Filter icon (Android.png in Android or iOS.png in iOS) and set Sort Preferences for Albums, and Artists Albums. Sort Albums by;

  • A to Z
  • Recent
  • Year
  • Decade
  • Artist
  • Artist & Release Date

Sort Artists Albums by A to Z or Release Date. Sort preferences are individual user preferences remembered by the App going forward, even after you close then reopen the App. Preferences are independent from the network and are only on the particular mobile device. Changing preferences in an iPhone, will not affect your Android tablet or iPad.

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Filter by Quality: Press the Sort Filter icon and filter on sound quality or bit rate. Select MQA to only see MQA content, High Resolution for 24-bit content, CD for 16-bit content. Select multiple options for more results. For example, to not show MP3 or lossy content, select MQA, High Resolution and CD.

What Happened to Genre Filtering?: Genre is now a criteria that can be selected from your Library Menu. No need to apply a filter to search by genre.

Artists and Composer Summary Page: Select an Artist or Composer and a Summary Page will display a swipe list of 5 albums and a listing of the top 5 songs by that artist or composer. Press Show All to the right of Albums or Songs for a complete listing.

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  • Sorting and filtering is not available in Windows or MacOS under any service or source
  • Play from Phone or Tablet will have limited search criteria
  • Search Criteria may vary from Music Service to Music Service
  • Filtering and sort options may not be available on all pages on all Music Services
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