How Do I Import my iTunes Playlists into my Local Library



Bluesound will automatically read your iTunes Music Library.xml file and import all iTunes Playlists when creating a Local Library via a network share. The imported Playlists will appear under Library, Playlists in the Bluesound App. If iTunes Playlists are not automatically imported after a Rebuild Index, please ensure the correct folder is being imported. To do this, remove the existing share and re-import your iTunes Library using the following File Sharing instructions connecting the iTunes folder on your computer to Bluesound;

If your iTunes Playlists are not imported, please ensure the file iTunes Music Library.xml is in the iTunes folder and in the sub-directory that is being shared. If you are running iTunes 12.2 or higher and cannot locate the file iTunes Music Library.xml please ensure the file is being made available for Bluesound by performing the following; 

  • Open iTunes
  • From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, choose iTunes, Preferences (Windows users please select Edit, Preferences)
  • Click the Advanced tab
  • Ensure "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications." is checked


  • Say OK
  • Close and restart iTunes
  • In Bluesound, select Settings, Music Library, Rebuild Index in iOS or Android or Player, Configure Player, Rebuild Index in Windows or MacOS



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