Why is Music on my PULSE SUB not as loud as Movies?



When listening to Music on a PULSE SOUNDBAR don't forget to take advantage of 3 available listening modes as discussed in BLS-KB16-902.

Generally speaking DOLBY Surround Sound 5.1 mixes utilise sub-woofer signals (less than 80 Hz) differently than traditional audiophile 2.1 mixes by approximately 9 decibels.

If you are using a PULSE SUB via a wireless connection to a PULSE SOUNDBAR, remove the top rubber stopper and adjust the volume from it's initial setting of 5 to halfway between 5 and 6. For your third party sub, please review the product documentation to bring the volume up 9 db. 

  • When relaxing to Music on your PULSE SOUNDBAR, open the audio settings in the Player Drawer and boost the sub-woofer volume from 0 to +6 db in Music Mode.
  • When watching your favourite heroes save the world again, bring the sub-woofer volume down from 0 to -3 db.

They above are one time settings in the App. Just remember to toggle between Music and Movie in the Player Drawer to match the right setting for a 5.1 or 2.1 experience.


  • This will only apply to sub-woofers attached to a PULSE SOUNDBAR - all other Bluesound Players will default to 2.1 mixes when connecting a sub-woofer.



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