AirPlay 2 and Siri Are Here



Bluesound 2i now features Apple AirPlay 2. Stream music, movies, podcasts and 3rd party Music Apps directly to your Bluesound 2i. You can also group older Bluesound Players using the BluOS Controller App to your AirPlay 2 streams from 2i Players. Learn more at

Use AirPlay 2

  • On your iPhone X, swipe from the top right, on older iPhones or iPads, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Apple's iOS Control Center
  • Press and hold the audio card in the upper-right corner, then press the AirPlay Icon to view all AirPlay Speakers
  • Select Bluesound 2i Players to send your iPhone or iPad audio stream output. You can select multiple Players
  • You can also play AirPlay audio directly from some iOS apps, like Apple Music. Just open the app, press the AirPlay Iconairplayicon.png, then choose a speaker.

You can also use the AirPlay Icon on a MacBook, MacPro or iMac.

Group Older Bluesound Players

To group older Bluesound Gen 2 or even Classic Gen 1 Players, for multiroom playback of AirPlay, open the BluOS App on your iPhone or iPad. Open the Players Drawer and select the Player currently streaming AirPlay. Add players using the + sign. Once completed, close the drawer.

Using Siri to control Bluesound

Add your Bluesound 2i Player to the Apple Home App, and they will be available to control using Siri on your iPhone or iPad. Please note that only Apple Music Subscribers or music downloaded to your iOS device can be used with Siri. See for details

  • Open the Apple Home app and select "+" or Add Accessory
  • Choose “Don’t Have a Code or Can’t Scan?”
  • Select the Bluesound 2i Player player you want to add
  • Enter the same room name used when setting up your Player in the BluOS App

Once completed ask your iPhone or iPad on the same network;

Hey Siri, play some alternative in the living room
Hey Siri, turn up the volume in the bedroom

You can even Group multiple Bluesound 2i Players using Siri. Just name the rooms you want music in when asking Siri to play. Note that grouping via Siri only works for Players you've added to the Apple Home app.

Hey Siri, play Foo Fighters Greatest Hits in the living room and kitchen



  • Not all BluOS Players are AirPlay 2 compatible. Only Players ending with the model number 2i can use AirPlay or Siri
  • Fixed Group Players must have the original primary player a 2i - will play to whole fixed group
  • Bluesound Players do not include a QR or HomeKit code and must be manually added
  • If your 2i Player does not show in the Apple Home Kit, play music through it via the AirPlay Control Center to have it appear
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