Pairing Bluetooth Headphones



You can now pair your Bluetooth Headphones wirelessly to Bluesound 2i Players.

  • In the Player Selection Drawer, from the Player context menu, select Bluetooth Headphones
  • The Player will scan the network for available Bluetooth receivers
  • Select the desired headphones or speaker
  • The Player will begin sending the current playing audio to the Bluetooth Headphones or Speaker
  • Select Finish.

To disconnect, select Disconnect Bluetooth Headphones from the Player’s context menu.

To reconnect, press Bluetooth Headphones and re-select the connected headphones or speakers.


  • The PULSE FLEX 2i does not support Bluetooth transmissions and can only be used as a Bluetooth Speaker
  • If listening to MQA content using Bluetooth Headphones, the App will display HR content and not MQA content. This is because the MQA process cannot confirm as Bluetooth Headphones are not MQA Certified. The content will however be played up to 24/192 depending on how it was encoded and the Headphone decode limit.
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