How can I use Bluesound as an Alarm Clock?




Set your favorite Bluesound playlist as an Alarm Clock to start your morning with a full HiFi experience, or use the new Sleep Timer to end your day on a high note. Not a morning person? Schedule music streams to start instantly the minute you walk in the door or when you want to surprise that special someone <3 with a custom playlist. 


To set a Bluesound Player to turn on or switch to a certain playlist at a given time, select Alarms from the Settings Menu in the Navigation Drawer. A list of current Alarm is listed.

To add a new Alarm, select + from the header bar and a new Alarm is added for 8:00 am. To edit this alarm, simply tap the Alarm.

  • Select Time to adjust what time the Alarm is to start.
  • Select Alarm Sound to choose any of saved Local Playlists, TuneIn Stations or saved Music Service streams. You can also select the Current Playlist or Station.
  • Repeat lists the seven days of the week, select which days you want the Alarm to run on.
  • Duration will set how long to play the Alarm for 15, 30, 45 minutes, 1 hour, 1 hour 30 or 2 hours. You can also select No Timeout to have the alarm turn off manually.
  • Volume will set the volume level to a specific Volume just for that alarm. If Bluesound is set to a different volume when the Alarm goes off, Bluesound will change to the Alarm Volume setting, play the Alarm and when the duration time expires, Bluesound will return to the previous alarm setting.
  • You also have the option to Fade In the alarm.


Once all settings are done, select Save in Android, or just return to the <Alarms  list in iOS hitting the top left back button.

Alarms can be used to not only turn on a Bluesound Player to awaken a Sleeping User or be on when the get home from work, it can also change the Playlist to a Radio Station to always listen to the News or a weekly Radio countdown at a given time.


  • Bluesound Alarms do not have a Snooze function
  • Bluesound Alarm durations are not reflected in the Sleep Timer countdown in the Navigation Drawer
  • Pressing Pause will turn off an alarm disabling the Duration. If Play is pressed again during the Duration of the Alarm, the Player will play until Paused again
  • Bluesound Alarms are set on a Primary Player in group situations. To have an alarm play on multiple Players at once, build a group using the Player with the Alarm set as a Primary Player
  • Alarms are not replicated to multiple Players
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