Why is my TuneIn Favorite for The BBC not working?




Please be aware that as of February 5th 2015, the BBC switched their feed to TuneIn radio which may coincide with plans to abandon Windows Media support. As a result, saved favorites for BBC radio in Bluesound may not connect or time out. Please delete all BBC favorites on Bluesound and re-loaded them to play the newer AAC feed instead.


To delete a radio station, open up the BluOS App. From the Favorites page in TuneIn, select the More indicator (3 dots) to the right of the favorite and select Remove Favorite from the context menu. In the BluOS App for Windows or OS X, Right Click/Cmd Click to access the context menu.

To recreate the favorite, search for and select that station again, press the TuneIn icon and select Add Favorite.


  • If you change the stream using the Select Stream option from the Context Menu, you may not be able to add this as a favourite
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