How do I Turn Off My Bluesound Player?



We want everyone to be able to listen to their favourite music on Bluesound when ever they can. That's why we designed Bluesound Players to always be ready to play your music with a touch of the BluOS App, once you walk into a room.

While it idles and waits to receive a command, a Bluesound Player will consume very little power, like other network components such as a switch or router. All Players also continue to stay connected with other Players in your house, even when you are not listening to music. Our Gen2 Players will automatically enter Power Save mode (less than 6.0W of power) after 15 minutes of idle. In this mode the Player will conserve energy but is responsive to App commands and available on the network.

If power conservation is extremely important or the Player will be not be used for extended periods of time, such as you are going on vacation, press and hold the Play/Pause Button for 5 seconds to place the player in Vacation Mode and consume less than 0.5W of power. In Vacation Mode, all network activity will also cease and the Player will not appear in the App or respond to App commands. Press the Play/Pause Button again to restore the Player to Ready Mode. Vacation Mode is only available on Gen2 Players.

The PULSE SOUNDBAR does not have a Play/Pause Button but rather has a dedicated Standby button on the back panel.

For more details on the power consumption of our Players, please see the specifications for each player.

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