How do I adjust the Volume for my selected Bluesound Player?




There are 4 easy ways to adjust the Volume for your players.


1. Using the Volume Slider:

The Volume Slider for your selected player is located in the Center Screen of your app:

  • In our iPad App, it is located in the top left of your Home Screen
  • In our Android Tablet and Kindle Fire App, it is located at the bottom of the Playlist on the left side of the Home Screen 
  • In our Android phone size, iTouch and iPhone app, there is a Pull-up Menu for Playback Controls at the bottom. The Volume Slider is located there.

For other individual players and groups of players, the Volume Sliders are located in your Players Drawer, which is swiped in from the right side of your application or by pressing the Players Button.

Using the circle in the Volume Slider, you can set the volume to your desired position.

2. Using your Tablet or Phone Hardware Buttons:

You can now use the hardware volume buttons of any Android or iOS device to adjust the volume of your selected player.

This feature works only while the BluOS application is open on your device.

Each press of a hardware button changes the volume by 4%.

3. Tapping Left or Right of the Dial in the Volume Slider:

The option to tap left (-) or right (+) of the dial in your Volume Slider gives you the ability to make fine adjustments to the volume.

Each tap changes the volume by 2%.

4. Using your Player's Hardware Buttons:

Tapping the (+) or (-) button on your Bluesound Player will change the volume 2%. Press and hold the button for larger changes.

The Original (Gen1) Bluesound Node and Vault do not have hardware volume control buttons.

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