How do I buy music from HighResAudio using my Bluesound VAULT?



HighResAudio is an online store that features High Quality files for purchase allowing listeners to download MQA files and other lossless FLAC files at 16 and 24 bit rates directly to a Bluesound VAULT 2. With the release of MQA support, we have updated our HighResAudio download manager to work even faster in BluOS 2.10 or higher.

To log into HighResAudio, select the Bluesound VAULT 2 from the Rooms Drawer. In the Navigation Drawer, select More Music, HighResAudio. Enter a valid HighResAudio account e-mail address along with a password in the fields provided and press Update. To automatically download purchases to the VAULT, set Automatically download new purchases:  to On. If this is set to Off, to download pending content, click the n pending files link at the top of the screen. Download progress can also be monitored from this link.

To begin browsing the catalogue, select Shop and you will be redirected to Once logged in, you will also be able to select HighResAudio from the Navigation Drawer of the Vault


  • HighResAudio is only available on the Bluesound Vault and VAULT 2.  Music downloaded to a Bluesound Vault or VAULT 2 is available to all Bluesound Players on the network.
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