How many Bluesound Players can I place on my network?



We want everyone to be able to listen to their favorite music on Bluesound, and to create a whole home HiFi experience with single or multiple players. All your Players communicate with each other over your home WiFi network, and are ready to be grouped together with a tap on the BluOS App.

With the BluOS Controller App you can easily control up to 16 multiple Players in a strictly wireless environment in demonstrated practice.  If you want to connect more than 16 players, we strongly recommend you connect the Players to your network using a wired connection.  Bluesound can then control up to 64 Players in a strictly wired environment in demonstrated practice. A wireless connection will still be required for the BluOS App.

Bluesound can be controlled by multiple BluOS Apps simultaneously.  No pairing or learning is required.  Simply ensure that your devices are on the same network as your Bluesound music system.

Please contact the BluOS Support Crew ( for assistance and best practices when connecting more than 16 Players to a Bluesound System.

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