What is Replay-Gain? What are the different Replay-Gain modes?



At Bluesound, we know not all recordings are made equal.  Newer recordings are mastered at higher volume levels and may result in an uneven listening experience when mixed with older recordings.

You may level your Bluesound volume settings using the Replay gain settings embedded in the digital file encoding.  Simply adjust your Replay-gain settings by selecting Settings next to the player in the Rooms Drawer. Replay-gain modes work with volume adjustment metadata tags from your audio files to select the appropriate volume levels

If present, these are either Track Gain or Album Gain, which are different volume adjustments dependent on the songs album or settings for individual listening.  Track gain is the individual song while Album gain is for the entire recording.

Smart Gain automatically selects the best volume level for each file, resulting in all files, regardless of recordings, to be played back at approximately the same volume level. It will use a combination of the track gain or album gain to retain the original quality of all your audio files.

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