Why does the Bluesound Vault and VAULT 2 not include Wi-Fi?



The Bluesound Vault and VAULT 2 can only be connected to your network by a wired Ethernet connection. Since the VAULT (2) is not only a Player but doubles as a reliable Network Attached Storage device for all of our other Players, Bluesound ensures it is always ready for the networking task of streaming high quality FLAC files it has encoded when it rips your CD collection.

The VAULT (2) does not have a wireless network card and will never enter Hotspot Mode.

The VAULT (2) network card is fully compliant and will work with most Powerline Ethernet Kits or Wireless Media Bridges to make installation location more flexible. Contact your Bluesound Authorized Dealer or the BluOS Support Crew to help recommend a solution for you.

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