Do I need a Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) for Bluesound's Digital output?



At Bluesound, we’re an alliance of audiophiles with the mission to create innovative wireless digital audio products and technologies that allow for the most true-to-life music experience possible. We want everyone to be able to listen to their favorite music on Bluesound, in the audio format that they prefer.

You do not require a DAC for output on the Bluesound NODE (2) or VAULT (2) when using the analog RCA output.  The Bluesound NODE and VAULT come equipped with an on-board 24/192 kHz DAC.

If you choose an external DAC with Bluesound's TOSLink connection, please be aware of Bluesound's 24 bit /192 kHz output capability.  Some DAC's may not support this level of quality for TOSLink connections.

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