How can I see the Settings menu of Grouped Players in a Group?



When Players are grouped and you select Settings in the Android or iOS versions of the App or Player, Configure Player in the Windows or Mac OS versions of the App, you will see the settings of the group's Primary Player. If you wish to see a grouped Player’s menu (to view Player diagnostics or to view rip/encode status of a Bluesound Vault), select Diagnostics from the Help menu in Android or iOS or from the Configure Player menu in Windows or Mac OS and note the IP Address of the desired Player.

In a web browser, you can access the on board web server of the Player and adjust settings that way. Simply enter the above noted IP Address or visit the player name without spaces or special characters. If you are on a Mac, iOS device or have iTunes installed on Windows, add a .local extension. Some examples include;


This menu will show all the other Players, but not the Player you are currently viewing. Once you have selected another Player and then close the menu, when you reopen the Configure Player Menu you will see the Group’s Primary Configure Player Menu again.

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