Create a Surround Sound Group Using Fixed Groups



Create a Surround Sound Home Theatre Group using a PULSE SOUNDBAR and two PULSE FLEX Players. You can even add a PULSE SUB for a true Dolby Surround Experience.

If you have not done so, please add your PULSE SOUNDBAR and PULSE FLEX Players to your system. If you need help with this, please see BLS-KB13-902. You should also pair your PULSE SOUNDBAR with a PULSE SUB. If you need help with this, please see BLS-KB17-505.

  • Open the Player Selection Drawer.
  • Select Fixed Groups from the Header Bar.
  • Press the Plus Sign from the Fixed Group Header Bar to Create a New Fixed Group
  • Select Home Theater Group.
  • From the Select Players Screen, select the two PULSE FLEX players you will use for the rear channels. The PULSE SOUNDBAR will be selected by default. Press Next.
  • Enter the Name you will use to identify your Home Theater in the Player Selection Drawer and press Next.
  • Select which Player is connected to your TV or Cable Box using the Optical Input and press Next.
  • One of the two PULSE FLEX players will play white noise. In the App, select the speaker in the graphic representing the Player currently making noise and say Next.
  • Using the sliders, adjust the distance from each Player to the prime viewing location of the TV. Use the toggle in the bottom left to change between feet or meters. Press Next.
  • Your Bluesound Home Theater Group will now be configured.
  • Once completed, fine tune volume levels of each Player. Use the Play/Pause icon next to each Player in the App to play white noise from each speaker.
  • Once all volume adjustments are completed, press Next.
  • Press Done.

Congratulations. The Home Theater Group will now appear as a single Player in your Player Selection Drawer. You can also use your TV remote control with the Home Theatre Group by programming the PULSE SOUNDBAR with your remote IR codes. If you need help with this, please see BLS-KB15-805.  


  • A Home Theater Group cannot be created using the BluOS Controller App for Windows or MacOS
  • A Home Theater Group will appear as a standard group in Windows or MacOS
  • Any sub connected to a PULSE SOUNDBAR can be used, you do not require a PULSE SUB to create a Home Theater Group


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