Why Isn't My External DAC Playing MQA?



Bluesound Players are a full MQA playback solution. They will decode and render MQA playback up to 24/192. If however you are connecting an external DAC, the maximum output will be 24/96 and MQA processing is not happening in the DAC.

If you have an external DAC that is certified by MQA, you may bypass Bluesound's MQA rendering process in the Bluesound NODE 2 or VAULT 2 and send the pure untouched music bits directly via TOSLink Optical or Digital COAX output for processing by your external DAC. 

  • In the Player Selection Drawer, press the Settings icon next to the selected NODE 2 or VAULT 2
  • From the Audio Settings page, set Tone Controls to Off
  • Set Audio output levels to Fixed 
  • MQA External DAC will no longer be grayed out, set this to Yes
  • Close Audio Settings

The Bluesound NODE 2 and VAULT 2 will now bypass MQA processing.


  • This is also available on Generation 1 Nodes and Vaults
  • Non MQA Content is not processed by the DAC when using digital outputs by default - this cannot be adjusted
  • Non MQA Certified DACs cannot process MQA content and may result in distorted audio output or no audio at all



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